Code of Business Conduct

Metoil carries out a wide range of measures to prevent and combat corruption. They are compulsory and voluntary, preventive and correctable. A strategy for a thorough risk assessment has been developed. Training has been organized in the development and implementation of programs and strategies for the formation of integrity and the fight against corruption. A plan and an action program have been developed. These programs are tailored to specific needs and circumstances. All anti-corruption education programs are reviewed on an individual basis, with a list of areas of work, techniques, methods and best practices.

Our principles

Employees' responsibility to the Company:
- to take care of the good name of the Company, not to damage its activities and reputation;
- perform their official duties in good faith;
- comply with the Company's internal regulations;
- not to use internal information for personal, including for selfish purposes;
- not to compete with the Company for personal gain;
- to protect the intellectual property of the Company;
- use the Company's resources carefully and efficiently;

Responsibility to Customers:
- compliance with professional standards of business conduct;
- protection of confidential Client information;
- increased attention in the event of a conflict of interest;
- compliance with legal obligations;
- exclusion of abuse of the right;
- exclusion of granting unreasonable and non-statutory privileges to Clients;
- exclusion of dissemination of information discrediting the reputation of customers;

Shared responsibility in the business sphere:
- never give or take bribes;
- honestly conduct business with customers, suppliers and competitors;
- comply with the provisions of the Company's Code, competition law, antitrust, anti-money laundering and corruption;
- carry out a thorough selection of business partners, customers and suppliers;


- provide objective information in marketing and advertising campaigns;

Responsibility to society:
- strive for legality and responsibility in the conduct of business;
- conduct open and transparent activities;

The Company declares that all of the above principles on which this Code is based are equivalent for the Company and it does not prioritize one over the other. When conducting business, the Company maintains a balance of all principles without preferences and priorities.